About Us

here we go! Here we go!

We at Idea MTN seek to find groundbreaking ideas that provide solutions to current problems.

Idea MTN’s Design Philosophy:
“Keep it Simple.”

Idea MTN is dedicated to producing highly innovative and functional solutions that bring value to our clients.  We admire cleanly designed products that have a dedicated purpose, and enrich the lives of the end user.  We want to explore new markets, as well as innovate existing markets.

We seek to experiment with early stage ideas, embracing change and variation until the correct product solution becomes clear.  We embrace thinking outside of the box, and collaboration.  Even the most simple of projects has an infinite number of variables and therefore solutions.

Every idea may include functional requirements, tooling/manufacturing/or processing needs, ergonomic and safety requirements, marketing or cultural needs, aesthetic values through to packaging and logistics issues.

Concept sketches are made through out the process.

Solid solutions at the concept stage, which best solves the requirements of the project, will aid flow more easily, reducing time and costs in downstream Engineering processes.