Our Team

J. Andre.

Developing products has always been a constant passion for J.Andre.  He recently had an idea enter development through a firm in NYC, and is eagerly awaiting it to enter manufacturing.  This taste of success has incouraged him to make the other ideas in his head into real products as well.

J. Andre. is also a Digital Set Designer and Assistant Art Director. He assists the modern Art Department in designing and managing the look of Large Feature Films. With his thorough knowledge of current and advanced 3D computer modeling and 2D drafting, Andre efficiently, creatively, and accurately has helped to bring challenging concepts to the screen in movies such as ‘Minorty Report’, ‘Spiderman’ 2 & 3, and ‘The Dark Knight’ (Batman). As an innovative artist, he has the confidence to explore new ideas and technologies to further his design field.

The Creative mind behind Idea MTN.
B-Arch: University of Kentucky, College of Architecture
Born: Fairport, NY
Resides: Los Angeles, CA
 A graduate of the University of Kentucky School of Architecture, he practiced architecture for several years before pursuing his life long passion for film. His Film career began with work in Miniature and Pre-viz departments.

He enjoys the challenge and thought process of creating solutions to unique design projects.

J.Andre is a dual card holder of Local #800 (the Art Directors Guild; www.ADG.org) for Set Design and Assistant Art Direction.

(Updated:  April 7th, 2011)