3D Printer.

Well,  I'm excited to say that we've just acquired a new piece of equipment. 3D printing is a technology that has been around for a while, and I've used it in Hollywood for the past 10 years on many projects.  But now it has advanced enough that I felt it was within a price range, and the output was up to a high enough quality, that I've purchased some of this equipment to help in design and development of our products. I eagerly await for it to arrive, and for us to begin being able to use this on current projects!


The United States has long used a “first-to-invent” patent system which gave protection to inventors by allowing the date of the invention to trump the date of filing a patent application in determining patent rights.  However, that has now changed due to the America Invents Act (AIA), a sweeping patent reform bill signed into law by President Obama in September 2011.


Happy National Inventors Month! Cheers! --J.Andre.


We helped produce a native iPhone app from scratch for a small business owner.  It just launched, and we'd love to know what you think of it. (of course it will also play on iPod's and iPad's)   The App lists more than 17 countries for fly fishing.             Please check out this application on the App Store:   Travel Adventures (TravelA) Fly Fishing Destinations Around the World Parallax Shift Category: Travel Updated: Mar 24, 2012 Screen Captures:       Including: Lodge details Current weather details Fishing details Exciting photos Best times of year to visit Exciting local events Rate information And a Travel Adventures Review of what to expect Additional App features are: Interactive Global Map List of Lodges by Country Lodges filterable by fish available, accommodations, & distance from you Personal notes & marking favorites Offering Travel Plans and Services  


I wish you a Happy New Year! May you have a spectacular 2012!! I wish you the best, and hope that you find great success in the new year! Here's to new ideas, new and old friends, and exciting new products!


An idea I had for a new electric plug, controlled by a smartphone, has entered development by a company based in NYC. The company, is currently developing the concept. I very much look forward to seeing the outcome of the idea!